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17 February 2011

copy: 3 Top Tips to Burn Body Fat....

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Being fat can have a number of negative effects. Not only does it impede your health but it can also leave you open to personal insult and impede your performance in a number of activities including sports. Ultimately, being fat has an adverse effect on your life and can often stop you reaching your full potential. In this article I outline how you can burn body fat by focussing on three key areas of your diet; Daily Caloric Intake, Unhealthy Foods and Meal Plans.

1) DAILY CALORIC INTAKE:- Before you start burning any fat you need to start monitoring how many calories you are consuming each day. If you do not keep a daily check on how many calories are in the foods that you are eating you could be negating the effects of any additional exercise you do. Why? Because you may be unwittingly consuming the additional calories that you burn when exercising. For example, you may be going for a jog each day but also eating an extra chocolate bar and packet of crisps without realising. Therefore, you need to write down the foods you eat every day during the course of a week, work out the total calories and then determine your average daily caloric intake. After you have calculated this you then need to make sure that you stick to this even when you are doing additional exercise. This will ensure that you are burning more calories than you consume and ultimately that you burn body fat.

2) UNHEALTHY FOOD:- Apart from monitoring your daily caloric intake it is also useful to identify unhealthy foods in your diet and then replace them with a healthier option or remove them completely. Drinks are a particular area where unhealthy options can really pile on the calories. For example if you buy a tall latte each morning from your local coffee shop guess how many calories it can contain? Between 200 and 500. That’s 200-500 calories on a drink that can easily be substituted with a zero calorie glass of water, a zero calorie black coffee or a 5-10 calorie milky coffee (depending on the type of milk used). Carbonated drinks are another source of empty calories that can easily be substituted with a drink of water. Dressings and condiments also add unwanted calories to a potentially healthy meal. Salad dressing is one of the main sources of fat in the average American woman’s diet so make sure you check the calories and always choose the low calorie option. There are many other areas of your diet I could discuss but overall you need to keep an eye on the nutritional information of everything you eat and pay particular attention to your consumption of saturated fats and empty calories.
3) PLANNING YOUR MEALS:- By taking the time to plan and know what you are eating in advance you can prepare healthier, low fat, low calorie meals. Although this will take a little extra time, if you want to burn body fat it is a much better option than going for quick and easy takeaways. To create a menu containing both healthy and tasty meals you are likely to need some assistance. Check online recipe websites, weight loss forums, recipe books (and hopefully this blog in the future) to get some inspiration. Once you have chosen your new healthy menu make sure that it contains less calories than your old diet, otherwise your new meal plan will not help you burn body fat. Also try to stick to your new menu as much as possible. It is OK to have pizza or a burger sometimes but the point of planning your meals in advance is to avoid the temptation of unhealthy food.
In conclusion, looking at these three core dietary areas and making the suggested changes can really help you burn body fat. All you have to do is determine your average daily caloric intake, then reduce it by removing unhealthy foods and preparing more healthy meals. Simple really – reduce the number of calories going in and increase the amount of body fat that you burn.

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